Our flight was delayed but we got here in 9 hours.  It was pleasant; the stewardesses were very polite and the food wasn’t bad.  There was a two year old girl sitting right in front of us.  She seemed intent on proving the strength of her lungs and prove it she did for about an hour.  After we landed, the parents apologized to us saying she was in her “terrible twos.”

It was amazing because not only were there screens on the back of every seat, we had the option of seeing the view from the front and bottom of the plane.  We flew above the clouds and when they finally broke, it was odd to sometimes see clouds suspended below us.  When land came into sight everything looked green and lush.  After we landed and got off the plane, we had our passports checked.  I noticed how empty and quiet everything seemed.  But as soon as we went into the lobby it got much louder and more crowded.

Dad bought our bus tickets and we stepped outside.  The air was hot and humid and I immediately smelled smoke.  Next to the door was a fenced in area for people to smoke and while we waited for the bus I could almost feel myself being surrounded in a cloud of smoke.  The two-hour bus ride was not unlike the flight but this time we could see out the front window.  Everything was so clean, every car and all the roadsides were spotless.

Tomorrow I’m taking my placement tests after which I will be meeting my host mother.  She’s going to take me on the train to her house so I will know how to get from there to the school.  I’m very excited about meeting my host family.

I’m sitting next to the opened window of our hotel room.  We’re on the 10th floor and the view is pretty amazing.  Buildings surround us on every side and there’s a two-lane freeway relatively close (but surprisingly not loud).  Right now it’s dark and I can see people walking in their apartments.  The crickets are ongoing and almost deafening and below our window I can hear lively conversations in the courtyard of the hotel.  I can’t believe I’m finally and truly here.

It’s 7:30 pm on Sunday here but my body is telling me it’s 3:30 am.  Jetlag is finally setting in so I apologize for the somewhat spacey post.  Hopefully I’ll be able to upload my pictures soon.  Instead of embedding the pictures into the post I’m going to post them up onto a site.  I’ll give you the link for it as soon as I set it all up.  Until next time.


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