1.3 p.s.

I forgot to mention about the heat here.  One thing I miss about home is the weather.  It is very hot and humid here; by the time I have walked from the house to the station, changed from one line to another, and walked from the last station to the school, I am drowning in my sweat.  Fortunately the subways are air conditioned.  In Japan they don’t have central air conditioning, it’s too expensive.  Each main room has its own box attached to the wall.  When no one is in the room, the box is turned off and when there is someone in the room, it is on.  So when I come into my room, it is stiflingly hot but the air conditioner quickly cools it down.  For those of you that live back home, enjoy the weather!  Go outside and take pleasure in the fact that you can walk around for a while and not come back inside looking like you took a hot shower.  Ayumi told me that it will start cooling down in mid-September.  I just have to survive until then.


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