growing up. . .

. . . stinks sometimes.

I’ve always known this, but it’s been hitting me over and over again the last few days.  The friends I thought I’d have forever are drifting away (my fault as much as theirs) and changing into people I don’t recognize any more.  I know that as we grow into “adults” it’s unrealistic to expect every childhood friend to stick with you but that doesn’t make it any less painful.  My dream still remains that when I’m married and have children I’ll still be connected to the friends of my younger years.  But until then I’ll hang on to moments such as this:


2 thoughts on “growing up. . .

  1. Man. I’d say I haven’t seen this pic in awhile but it was on the very top of your computer desk. You look crazy young. I’m sorry you’re not as close to some people as you’d like. For me it seems I get really close to somone and hang out with them all the time then we just kinda ease out of eachothers lives. Micah. Rob. David. It’s kinda how I seem to operate with guy friends. Girls tend to be a little more constant. Maybe they just like me more. =D

    Anyway, you’ll always have me Kimichan.

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