This is George (as in Curious George), the cat who adopted Steph and me the first night we were here.   She hangs around the apartment building a lot and I often hear her pitiful meows.  She’s been a guest in the apartment a few times but only because once I open the door she dashes inside.  I’m always afraid that someone will see and report to the head honcho that there is someone who is housing a pet against the rules.  Tonight when I heard her outside my plan was to get a picture of her while she was outside, but true to her nature she ran into the apartment before I could so much as touch a button.  Her meows echoed off the walls in the entryway and I tried pacifying her by rubbing her head while also attempting to take a picture.  The picture above is the 33rd picture I took and by far the best.  That Darn Cat.


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