the storm

Last night we had a magnificent storm that lasted for at least five hours.  The rain came down in buckets, lightening flashed across the sky and thunder shook the ground.  At midnight I leaned out of the window and felt the rain wash over my face and arms.  Everything in me felt alive.  I wanted it to never end.  The next day the sky was clear and the sun shone so brightly, as if the storm had never happened.  But I will not forget it and I hope someday to see another like it.

Storm (:29)

At 12:16 am (obviously since it’s dark it’s hard to tell but it was raining really hard and the sky was completely overcast…I couldn’t get a picture of the storm during the day):

At 3:06 pm:


One thought on “the storm

  1. It must be a day for storms. Last night I got stranded at a friend’s house by an unexpected snow shower.

    Seattle has had more snow this year than the last three years combined. Darn global warming!

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