new year’s videos

Odaiba Panorama (:19)

Glitter Stairs (1:40)

Rainbow Escalator (:46)

New Year! (1:29)

Poppers (:17)

Ferris Wheel Panorama 1 (1:02)

Ferris Wheel Panorama 2 (:32) 


One thought on “new year’s videos

  1. I’ma do this is sections and let you try to guess what video I’m commenting about in each section! I make up the best games! (it’s actually gonna be real apparent which one I mean)

    So yeah, those are some pretty dang blue stairs. And some pretty dang blue people. I’ma refrain from any smurf jokes cuz they’re a little too obvious to be cool.

    I love watching people in the videos you make all readying a pose for a pic cuz they don’t know you’re filming. Every time I see it I chuckle in my head and call them a moron. I’m kinda mean in my head.

    You were almost all the way around by the time I figured out it was an enclosd ferris wheel. I was like “Wow, there’s surprisingly little wind up there. And how big a bench is it for them all to be there together?” Yeah, I’m pretty quick.

    “Over here you b******!” You hang out with odd people.

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