vending machines

Today on my way to school, I took a picture of every single vending machine I passed (except those across the busy street).  I made a slide show of aforementioned pictures.  These pictures don’t even include the 6 (I think?) vending machines inside the school.  Though it doesn’t really need to be stated again, this country is crazy.



2 thoughts on “vending machines

  1. Oddly enough, despite their pervasiveness, I almost never use the vending machines here. Am I alone in this?

    K: Now that you mention it, I can’t recall ever using one either. If I did it was when I first arrived last year.

  2. Throughout that whole slideshow my head (most of my upper body actually) was bobbing to the music I could no longer hear from two posts back. Just . . . thought you might like that. I dunno. I think it’s fun/ny.

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