whoo hoo!

On Friday I bought tickets for a night bus to and from Fukuoka.  And I also made reservations with a nice hostel that I’ll be staying at there.  I’ll be leaving Monday the 16th at about 9pm and arriving in Fukuoka the next day around noon.  I’ll stay 4 nights at the hostel and come back to Tokyo around 6 in the morning on Sunday the 22nd.  A really short trip, but I’ll get to visit the area my grandma lived in when she was here 70 years ago.  And maybe I’ll be able to find her school.  It’s pretty exciting to have this trip planned out.  I can finally see where I came from.  Or half of me at least.


2 thoughts on “whoo hoo!

  1. Cool! My mom’s parents are from Missouri I think so I have no great desire to go walk in their old footsteps. That’s awesome for you though. Makes me think of the Knight Bus . . .

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