Micah was driving, Dad was in the passenger seat and Mom and I were in the back.  He was making a left turn on the green light, we were in front.  I remember saying how we should try a nice ice cream parlor that Leanna had taken me to.  And then Mom screamed for Micah to watch out.  And I looked up.  And I think I screamed too as the guy who had ran a red light hit us.  Both cars rocked at impact and everything moved in lightening speed but slow motion at the same time.  I felt pressure on my chest from the seatbelt and we all just sat there for a little while, trying to figure out what we should do.  Micah finished making the turn and pulled over to the side of the road.  I looked for the other car and he had stopped just after the intersection, and I’m sure he was sitting in his car, scared to death.  We all got out of the car and assessed the damage:


Anyway, so the guy ended up parking in the Whole Food’s parking lot.  A bunch of people stopped and gave us their contact information in case we needed witnesses.  One lady even walked up, already on the phone with the police, reporting our accident.  She had written down the guy’s license plate number and after the policeman came, she came back to give him her information.  Before the police arrived, another woman came over from across the street to tell us that she could testify for us and that the guy wanted to meet with us.  Before we had a chance to go over to him, the first policeman arrived on his motorcycle.  He ended up going across the street to speak with the guy and the second policeman arrived to get our information.  He was really nice and friendly which helped to calm my nerves.

We’re pretty sure the car is totaled…and so now we’re down to one car and four drivers.  This should be a very interesting summer.

In the end, we never met up with the guy.  And don’t worry, we’re all okay.


3 thoughts on “crash

  1. Dag. Sorry to hear abut your car. Glad you’re all ok. Let me know if there’s anything I can do. I’m pretty good at piggy back rides.

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