d – day

Today was Father’s Day and we had a wonderful time celebrating.  After church we went to Fresh Choice and ended up hanging out and talking about random things…like we always do.  After we got home Dad opened his cards and presents.  And Micah and I started messing with the camera, trying to catch ourselves midair as we jumped. We had a pretty fun time doing that as you can probably tell:

Dad decided he wanted to go to the beach so we headed over there.  It was perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky and not too cold or hot.  Micah and Dad tossed a football around while I played with Dad’s camera (Nikon D80, that’s what I want for my birthday).  And then we tried taking pictures where all four of us were jumping.  It took a long time but after almost 10 tries we finally got it:

My family is so goofy and for that reason and many more, I love them more than I can say.


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