camp awesome

I was really bummed because I thought I wasn’t going to make it to camp this year.  But at the last minute I found out that I could go.  So yesterday David and Jason picked me up on their way, we stopped at a pizza place close by for dinner and arrived at camp around 9:30.  We couldn’t find anyone; we walked to the amphitheater and after finding no one there, to the grove.  Even before we made it all the way up the hill we realized no one was there.  We walked back to the amphitheater and found out from Walter that everyone was at the basketball court.  As we were walking to the courts, the group was leaving and before we made it past the pool, Steph and Isaiah saw us.  We hung out, talked about good times, many inside jokes bounced around and David fit in really well with us.  We played the cup game and the sound echoed across the empty campground.  David left around midnight and Isaiah went to bed soon after that.  Steph, Jason and I stayed up until 2:30 just talking.  I left today around 4 but I’ll be returning again Thursday night.  I’m so blessed to have such awesome friends and the chance to hang out with them, even for a little bit.  We fit so well together and I’m going to treasure memories with them forever.


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