hello, goodbye

Church was interesting today.  During the pre-communion speech, Ken was talking about putting God first and how if we don’t, He’ll call us on it.  And I was like, “Ouch”.  Totally what I’ve been thinking about for the last. . .I dunno, 2 years?  But it’s been something I’ve been continually reminded of recently.  It’s like God’s trying to tell me something (note the major sarcasm).

Our service was structured much differently, it ran about 30 minutes over because we had a lot of open sharing time, watched the Mexico presentation and one of the youth group boys was baptized.  I always feel so encouraged whenever I witness a baptism; I feel like I’m being reborn along with that person.  What a great feeling.  I’m so proud of Jonathan.

It was Tristan’s last Sunday today.  He’s been the leader of our Worship Team for almost 2 years.  Having a professional musical background really helped us but it was also his spirit and his passion.  I’ve been so inspired by his approach towards worship and how uninhibited he is.  And on Thursday he and his family are moving to Florida.  Before I left for Japan I got really close to his adopted daughter, Tabi.  And even though she hasn’t been to our church much since I’ve been back, I’m still quite attached to her.

After the service, they had a going away party of sorts and Tabi pulled leaves off the tree, tossed them high in the air and announced that she was having a “Goodbye Celebration.”  Then it was a “K Celebration” where she and her friend tore the leaves into little pieces and attempted to lob them at me.  I’m really going to miss her.  Saying goodbye is the worst.


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