first day

Today was interesting.  I got up at 6:20, was out the door at 7 and was planning on riding the train instead of biking all the way to work.  I got to the station right as the train was pulling up to the platform.  But when I reached into my pocket I couldn’t find my 10-ride pass (which had 4 more rides left).  Realizing that I didn’t have enough time to buy a ticket before the train left, I just went back down the ramp and rode my bike to work.  Right before I got to the last hill, I accidentally changed to the first gear.  Whenever I do that, the chain comes off.  So I pulled my bike up onto the sidewalk, laid the bike down and as quickly as I could, put the chain back on the gear.  My fingers were black and I was definitely ready for my shower.

When Marissa arrived she came in carrying a balloon and a homemade card (with an Airhead taped inside).  She may aspire to be a teacher’s pet, but I love her to death.  During snack, Paul gave me a Ding Dong, Ramya had made me a card during Choice Time, Grayson handed me a nice pen (not sure if he had randomly found it and decided to give it to me, I like to think he actually planned on giving it to me), and Alec gave me his fuse-bead dog.  Before I was allowed to eat my Ding Dong all the kids sang to me.  I shoved the handle of a spoon into the Ding Dong and “blew out” the spoon.

At the beginning of Bible Time, Justin was asking what normally happens on Wednesday and all my kids started shouting “K’s birthday!!”.  Eventually they stopped yelling and Justin asked if they should sing for me.  So I went up to the stage while all the kids sang.  It made my day.  After that, a lot of kids I didn’t even know were wishing me a happy birthday.

After the pool and second snack, my kids all went into the classroom (I had been told many times by Paul not to enter the room until I was told to do so).  After about 3 minutes of waiting outside, they said I could come inside.  Walking up to the classroom I noticed that there were streamers taped to the window and when I opened the door everyone jumped out and yelled “SURPRISE!!”  And the Numbats are definitely my kids: as soon as they finished yelling surprise they started pulling the streamers off the walls and “cleaning up” by draping them all over me.  Jenny had made a bunch of cupcakes (yum ^-^) and after we ate them and cleaned up, the kids started sucking helium.  I had made sugar cookies on Saturday and so after all the craziness of streamers, cupcakes and helium, we walked over to the kitchen and decorated the cookies.

Mom picked me up, we had leftovers for dinner and she and Dad left for worship practice.  I was going to go later and help out with the pre-school class.  But right when I was going to leave, I found out that I had left my keys at work.  Oops.  So I got to take a much needed break and have some real time to myself.

All in all, not a bad first day.

Even if the boy on the end doesn’t look thrilled, I’m so glad he was willing to be in the picture.  I love it when the kids express their love for me, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.


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