Whoo hoo!  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Thanks to my parents and Marilyn who “bought” it for me; I’m happy to finally have a real mp3 player.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my little shuffle (or stick of gum as I like to call it), but only being able to bring 130 songs with me out of my 4,700 songs?  Man, I was hurting.  It is currently syncing my music (and the episodes of The Office) and has quite a ways to go before it’s done.  But when it’s finished. . . :)


2 thoughts on “myPod

  1. Cool. I’ve . . . lost 2 of those now. Don’t let me near it. Are you continually playing Only One? It’s been your googletalk status for at least 10 minutes . . .

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