a hundred

(This is my 100th post.)

Yesterday I hung out with some kids from work.  One of them was in my group last summer and this.  They are a wonderful family and I’m so glad I was able to spend time with them.

I arrived at their house at 2:30, the time their dad had told me to come.  The oldest was the only one home because the other two were at a birthday party.  So we sat in the living room talking and he showed me his claymation video he made at a summer camp.  At about 3 they came back from the party and we went to pick Micah and Sarah up from the skate park near by.   Our first stop was the bowling alley.  We played one game of bumper bowling.  We dropped Micah and Sarah off at Silvia’s and headed off to Safeway for fun with helium.

After buying our hot dog balloon we went back to the car and took lots of video of our chipmunk voices.  We were all pretty hungry so we stopped at Yumi Yogurt and enjoyed “child” sized awesomeness.  I asked if they wanted to go anywhere else so after calling their mom we decided to stop by the park near their house.  We arrived at the house at 6:30 and when their dad came back we all went inside.  I ended up talking to John and Gabriela for almost two hours after which they invited me to stay for dinner.  We were going to play Cranium but didn’t have enough time when we finished dinner.  So they invited me to come back for a game night.

I didn’t get home until 10, spending almost 7 hours with them.  I’m really looking forward to the game night.


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