“i could have danced all night”

. . .or all morning, whatever.

Went to a club in The City with Leanna and two of her friends from school.  We didn’t start dancing until 12:40 because the line was longer than we anticipated.  But she and I danced continually for 2 hours.  So.Much.Fun.  The guys hitting on us wasn’t very fun but we just told them we were together and most of the time they got the hint and hightailed it outta there.  Well, as fast as you can in a very crowded room full of dancing fools.  I am now exhausted and have the beginning of a blister on my left foot but I’d say it was worth it.


3 thoughts on ““i could have danced all night”

  1. Apparently it sounds like a fun blast. How’d you dance for two hours if you didn’t start til 12:40, it closed at 2, and you left 10 minutes early? Lemme call Daniel Biss on this one.

    Yeah, ok. He says there was only an hour and ten minutes in which you coulda danced if all the above is true. I think you owe me an explanation. =P

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