myPod pt. 2

Deja vu.

Tuesday night we were all sitting around the dinner table talking about mp3 players.  To make a long story short, I found out I could trade my 30GB iPod for an 80GB because the price had dropped and they were now the same.  But it was the 30th day since I had bought my iPod, the last day I had to do any exchanges.  So I went to Best Buy and talked to Customer Service.  They didn’t have any 80’s in stock but Everett told me that he could extend the exchange date and warranty so that I could still get the 80 without any extra cost.  (Turns out Everett is the supervisor for Customer Service. . .I got lucky.)

I stopped in yesterday to see if the 80’s were in but Everett wasn’t there.  After school today I went in because I was told that he got in at 11.  It was almost 1 and he didn’t come in until 1:30.  Oy.  So I went back at 2 and after a lot of waiting around, the exchange was made, the warranty was carried over and I am now the proud owner of an 80GB iPod.  It’s currently syncing all my music/videos/pictures.  Oh.Yes.


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