myPod pt. freakin’ 4

Yes, I know it’s ridiculous.  This time it’s my fault.  Yesterday I was carrying too much: cell phone, coin purse, book, iPod and of all the things that could have slipped, guess which one did.  Yeah.  When I first checked it out, everything seemed to be in working order.  But this morning when I tried to watch an episode of The Office, it wouldn’t play.  The thumbnails for all the pictures weren’t showing up, just weird psychedelic pixelation.  And it wouldn’t even show the album artwork.  So.  Again I went to Best Buy and the girl at the register looked at all the receipts and said, “you have hecka.”  Well put.  I hope the iGod has finally decided to take pity on me and make this the last (ridiculously short lived) exchange ever.


One thought on “myPod pt. freakin’ 4

  1. Ooh, freakin’ 4. Freakin’ 4 what? Freakin’ 4 Jesus? That makes me think of what may be the awesomest shirt I have ever seen. “I mosh for Jesus.” Sanctifical.

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