I’m rarely hit with the inspiration to write poetry.  These four poems are from at least 2 years ago and I’m still proud of them. 

Eyes unseeing
Ears not hearing
I feel so dead
In this shell of mine

Hollow, empty
Please come save me
You say you’ll help
But I’ll be fine

You try to catch me
Hold my hand
But my eyes are closed
And I’m gone again

I’m slowly fading
I’ll soon be gone
My eyes are closing
Goodbye, the end

I’m running from myself
Hiding from my pain
Hoping that I’ll win
And in the end I’ll gain

Lose myself forever
Never to return
Captivate my sorrow
May my soul not burn

My time is almost up
The wick is running low
I’ll spread my wings to fly
And up my spirit shall go

Draw me close
Let me go
Keep me young
Help me grow

Give me freedom
Not too much
On my own
But still your touch

This world: so large
And me so small
In your embrace
I conquer all

Mommy’s sugar
Daddy’s tea
Your little girl
I’ll always be

We sit in silence
Our heartbeats speaking
A language we cannot comprehend
But we understand each other

From my brokenness
You found beauty
From my sorrow
You found joy

Now, as I sing to the heavens
I can smile because I know
You are looking down on me
And singing as well


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