one before we hit the road

It was so wonderful having Steph here!  She arrived Wednesday morning at 8:30 and for the first few hours we just hung out at the house and talked.   Later we met Leanna at the theater and watched Enchanted.  We spent the entire time in the theater laughing at the awesomeness that is Enchanted.  After the movie we had lunch and Leanna left to go to work whilst Steph and I headed to the Stanford Mall.  We got matching scarves (pictured above) and jewelry at Macy’s.  Then it was home again, home again (though it took a while because of all the traffic).  Dinner and Stardust and sleep.

Thursday I had my final final early in the morning, so while Steph slept (lucky!) I went and took it.  When Sleeping Beauty finally awoke we ate and headed to the thrift store.  We had planned on going to Half Moon Bay but it was so cold and we were so tired that we decided that after lunch we would just go home and veg in front of the t.v.  Steph had bought Rent for me so we watched that again (having seen it the first time in Japan) and then Mean Girls.  Nothing like musicals and snotty girls to make the day complete.  After dinner Mom took us down a local street that decorates their houses with billions of Christmas lights.

We walked around in our cloud of recently breathed air, sang “Jingle Bells” and enjoyed all the pretty lights and the fact that people were so willing to foot the electrical bill.

Oh, we also got pictures with Santa, what a lucky guy:

Early, early this morning we got out of bed and into the cold car.  There’s nothing so “refreshing” as scraping ice off your windshield at 5 in the morning.  By the time we got to the airport I could see out of all the windows (glad we were so safe. . .).  Steph had a bit of trouble checking in but it was quickly taken care of and she was on her way back home.  After a bit of clever navigating I returned to the car.  The drive home was pleasant as the sun was just about to make its appearance for the new day.  I do love mornings for the glorious sunrises.

It’s been a wonderful couple of days and I really am looking forward to our road trip ahead.


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