day one

Kind of a busy first day.  Let’s recap, shall we?

8:30 am – Wake up (I know, not really early but I got home from Jason’s at 2:15 and didn’t get to sleep until 2:30).

10:00 am – Pay for school and parking permit and wait around until class starts…

11:10 am – Class begins.  She was amazing.  Penny Floor.  I am so excited about this, my first class towards my major.  She’s really energetic and smart and the class just has a good vibe to it.

12:25 pm – Get out of class and realize that I don’t have my keys.  I call Micah and Mom about 100 times and can’t get ahold of either.

12:30 pm – Register to vote.  Go me.

12:40 pm – Enter bookstore and after seeing the length of the line decide to come back later.

1:00 pm – After walking around the campus, back and forth and up and down, finally find Micah in class and ask for his keys, walk back up the hill to the car, repark it in a staff space, walk back to his classroom up another hill, pass the bookstore on the way back to the car and see how short the line is now, walk back to the car to repark in a student space, go back up the hill to the bookstore, grab two books, get in line, find out I can’t pay with a check if I want a full refund by the time I’d return the books, have my card declined three times and realize I have no cash to pay $1.25 for the drink I wanted, go back to the car and return home for 10 minutes to eat lunch, then head to work.  (Yes, that was all one sentence.)

2:10 pm – Arrive at work 10 minutes late.

3:45 pm – Get off work to return to school for the online Math orientation.

5:00 pm – Get out of the orientation early and go to the bookstore again to try again to buy the book.  Buy the book, go to the Student Center and hang out on the internet while I wait for Sara to pick me up for the staff dinner.

6:10 pm – Sara, Nicole and Christal pick me up and we head over to the Cheesecake Factory for our "Christmas" staff dinner (yes, it’s almost a month after Christmas, but we’re very busy people).  It is soooo good, both the food and the company.  I love my co-workers!

8:30 pm – Nicole is sick so we leave early and I’m finally home again.

Yay for a Tuesday/Thursday schedule.  I get to sleep in tomorrow.  *whew*


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