the name’s penelope, bucko

Yesterday’s Child Development class was interesting. We started discussing a theory our teacher introduced on Tuesday and a lot of people got involved. Unfortunately a few select people decided that their opinions and personal anecdotes were beneficial for everyone. Perhaps they wanted to show their intelligence. Regardless, it was annoying. Especially one lady who wouldn’t raise her hand and would just start speaking, interrupting other people including the teacher to voice her opinion. At one point I had my hand raised to make a contribution and the lady behind me jumped in with the point I was going to say. *grr* Another time I had my hand raised and the teacher looked right at me and then called on someone else who’d already spoken several times. I hope this isn’t indicative of what the rest of the semester is going to look like.

Even so, I like the class and am really excited about the upcoming lectures. It’s cool too because it looks like aside from Math all my classes will be talking about the same things. Yeah.


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