Last Thursday afternoon my parents and I went up to visit my new school.  And it was amazing.  We arrived Thursday night in the small town where it’s located and had dinner on main street at a really cute pizza/sandwich place.  The next morning we drove over to the campus and were given a two hour tour (. . .) by a Junior named Sam.  The campus was gorgeous as was the town.  After the tour my parents and I had lunch in one of the six dinning facilities on campus and then headed over to the art building for my meeting with the head of the Childhood Development department.  She was really friendly and talked about the school’s view on teaching.  As she put it, they believe that experience is one of the best tools for teaching, better than reading facts from a textbook.  During a student’s Junior/Senior years, the Childhood Development finds a job in the specific field they’re interested in so they can get real life, hands-on experience.  After our meeting we got to check out an actual class and it was really exciting because the discussion revolved around theories we had just talked about in my community college ECE class.  The last part of our visit was with an admissions counselor.  We talked about housing options, general cost, application stuff and the like.  I found out I’m unofficially excepted, I just have to send in my last transcripts from this semester when I’m done.

Saturday we went back to the town and visited a few shops.  What I really like about the town is that all the restaurants and shops downtown are locally owned.  After lunch we headed back home.  The whole time we were up there it was lovely weather; not a cloud in the sky and though it was a bit chilly in the shade, the sunshine was very refreshing.  I cannot wait to live up there!