The church I work at owns a community center across a pretty wide valley and both are connected by a long bridge.  Today as I was crossing it I imagined what it would be like if we didn’t have the bridge.  It would be quite a walk to go from the community center to the church, including a serious incline that would have most people huffing by the time they reached the church.  I couldn’t help but think of all the diagrams I’ve seen that have compared Jesus to a bridge, with the cross spanning the distance between "Us" and "God".  How amazing is it that Jesus was willing and able to connect us directly to God?  How wonderful is it that we don’t have to prove ourselves worthy to earn His love?  How incredible is our Lord that He would sacrifice so much to spend eternity with ones so flawed?



It struck me the other day how much I’m going to miss when I move out.  Micah was in his room down the hall, just jamming on his guitar and my windows were open, a nice breeze flowing over me.  I was at peace and enjoying life, enjoying a rare moment in time when all is right with the world.  The simplicity of my joy was refreshing and I took a deep breath and prayed that it wouldn’t be forgotten.  The moment was tainted with sadness when I realized that these specific pieces of my life that bring me such pleasure will soon be gone.  Of course, they will be traded in for different aspects that will probably give me as much joy if not more.  But I will definitely miss this life too.