It’s been a crazy year.  Cuh-razy.  But God is good (duh) and I am incredibly blessed. 

-I have a wonderful support group between my family and friends

-I’ll be going to an awesome college in a beautiful area, in the state that I love

-I’ll be living in a house (no apartments for me!) and be completely out of my element since I haven’t met either of my roommates

-I’ll be taking classes that actually pertain to what I want to do with my life, work with children

-I am engaged to the Love of my life and even though it feels like forever until we’re together as man and wife, time will fly and that day will be here before I know it

-I am being stretched in incredible ways and have been growing like crazy as a result

My mind has been consumed with thoughts of this next step in my journey.  I am so excited about going somewhere new, and not having a car, and being dependent on myself for food and other necessities.  Growing up is exhilarating.


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