Tomorrow it will have been a week since my last day at work.  After working there two school years and three consecutive summers, it’s difficult to imagine that I probably won’t be returning.  But I’m so thankful for my time there.  I have been extremely blessed by my experience there, all the bonds that have formed and all the memories created over the years.  Every single person whom I have worked with has blessed me in some way, whether we interacted closely or not.  And I’m so thankful to them for allowing God to bless me and others through their work.  My heart is full.

Now I sit in my new room, in my new house, in my new town, surrounded by unfamiliar faces and unexplored territory.  And while all this newness is terrifying, I’m excited and ready for it.  Across the street is a herd of cows.  The beach is mere miles away and my new school is surrounded by gorgeous Redwood trees.  My new roommates are kind and gentle souls and I look forward to getting to know them better.  Already I have been so blessed by my time here.  I’m only sad for those I’ve "left behind" who cannot experience first hand this new part of my journey.  But we are each experiencing unique journeys of our own.  C’est la vie.


3 thoughts on “blessings

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. It has been great having you on our team and part of my life. Be sure to stay in touch and stop by often. Blessings, Marilyn

  2. im glad you’re having a good time. i do miss you but i wish you the best because you definitely deserve it. your note almost made me cry!

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