this life

Where to begin?  God has done so much for and to me in the few weeks I’ve been here.  I am blown away by His provision and grace and love and and and.  This last weekend I attended a retreat for the college group at the church I’ve decided to attend.  The people are so down-to-earth and loving and open.  From the first Sunday I came I felt welcomed and have only been drawn more deeply in every time I return.  Already I feel a close connection with people and we have shared intimate parts of ourselves with no shame.  It is so wonderful and freeing to reveal your heart to someone and have them treat it with tenderness and love.  I am so excited for what God has in store for me here.

The above picture is just another little blessing.  Yesterday I decided to go out to eat downtown.  It was pretty much the first time I’ve been out since my parents left.  I went inside to enjoy my lunch and came out to find this on my handlebars.  I was so touched by this simple act and still wonder who would be so thoughtful.  God is daily reminding me of His presence and I’m so thankful.


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