goosebumps in 21st gear

My life has been moving like crazy.  Last Monday Jason decided to come up and visit me.  We hadn’t seen each other for five weeks and I was really missing him.  It was totally an impulsive thing, the decision to come up was made the night before.  He made it in time to take me to my only class of the day.  We came back to the house and decided to check e-mail and things of that nature.  Randomly I decided to check craigslist for any new postings on housing.  Jason is moving up here within the month and we had found some promising leads but nothing solid. 

I saw one posting that had been made less than an hour ago and thoughtlessly clicked on it.  Instead of the normal "contact by e-mail" a phone number and name was listed.  Jason called it and was told to call back in a few minutes as the landlord (Mike) had just pulled up.  He waited a few minutes and called back, spoke to Mike and was told it would be okay for us to come see the place right now.  We looked at each other in shock and hopped into the car.  And it was wonderful.  It’s a mile away from my house, utilities are paid for and Mike (also one of his roommates) is a sweet 70-something-year-old man.  We were shown the two-room, already furnished, loft and all the storage areas.  Jason was given an application to fill out and we were told to return in a few hours to go over more paperwork and hand in the completed application.  We left feeling optimistic and thankful.

A few hours later we returned to the house and Mike went over what would happen should Jason get picked.  Mike had already interviewed a bunch of other people but he said that Jason was in the top two.  We would be told by Wednesday whom Mike had picked.  We left feeling giddy and hopeful.

Tuesday Jason got a call from Mike.  Not even a full 24 hours after we met with him, he had made his decision.  Jason got it.  We rejoiced.  Wednesday after my class we went to the house to sign papers and pay the deposit and first month’s rent.  Praise God.  He will be moving up here in less than two weeks!

Thursday after my last class we went to the beach.  Walking back to the parking lot I realized I had locked the keys in the car.  We didn’t panic but were a little worried as to what we should do.  Jason didn’t have a spare key and my cell phone (with all the numbers of people who live up here) was in the trunk.  We looked at what we had to work with and tried picking the locks with safety pins.  That didn’t work so well so I went and asked the caretaker (of sorts) if he had a hanger we could use.  He was inebriated and jokingly commented that we needed to find a car thief.  I laughingly agreed with him and returned to Jason with the unbent hanger.  We attempted to slide the hanger between the window and its seal to no avail.  In the process of trying to pick the locks with the safety pins, we got them jammed into the driver and passenger door locks.  Oops. 

Not five minutes after the "car thief" comment, a man parked his car next to ours.  After exiting his vehicle he asked if we had locked our keys in the car and if we wanted his help.  He said he knew how to break into cars, not because he was a "car thief" but because he had broken into his own car, and his friend’s cars, many times.  The irony did not escape me.  After pulling some tools out of his car and prying the door open a bit, he was able to thread the hanger down into the car and pull the lock up.  We were of course ecstatic and thanked the man profusely (though I still feel very indebted to him).  It’s amazing how God gets us out of our messes.  You might think all of this a great coincidence, a string of unrelated events that just happened to coincide.  I like to see this as my Heavenly Father’s way of showing that He cares and is watching out for me.  And I believe more than ever that He has a sense of humor.

This Sunday I went to morning service and was blessed by a family-led worship.  The daughter played the drums and sang, the father played bass, the mother was on the keyboard and sang, and the two sons played guitar while one of them was the lead singer.  I got goosebumps listening to their unified praise.  I have goosebumps just thinking about it.  I could feel the Spirit moving amongst us as we lifted our voices in praise and I have no doubt that God was in that place. 

Sunday night I finally made it to a 6 o’clock service my friend had told me about.  I’m so thankful I went.  The crowd was predominantly college age and it was a rockin’ service.  The message was meaningful and deep, the singing was awe-filled and the whole service just felt alive.  I was able to connect with and meet new people, I talked to some I already knew and overall was just so encouraged.  I will definitely be returning.  God has been filling me up so much and I get goosebumps just thinking about it.


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