This Christmas was beautiful.  I was able to spend time with my grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins.  My dad and his four other brothers and sisters gathered around my petite grandma for a group shot.  Seeing the way they dote on her, support her and give her their love and devotion is a humbling and touching thing.  Next year she will be 90 years old and I believe that the love that surrounds her has been a huge part of why she has made it this far and looks so much younger.  At that moment a feeling of boundless gratitude filled me to be part of such a loving family.  I am so blessed that I have such caring souls who have showed me what it is to really love. 

Later my dad showed me a slide show he was making for my mom’s dad who is also turning 90 next year.  The slide show went through my grandpa’s life and showed my mom from toddler to mother and it was another moment where my heart was in my throat and I was deeply filled with love for my family.  I’ve been struck again and again during this Christmas break how important family is.  I’ve always known my family is such an integral part of who I am but I have a greater appreciation for them now.  I pray that with the closing of this year and the bringing of the next, I would hold onto that thought.


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