Life has been, in a word, great.  I’ve been so obviously blessed by God and I’m daily in awe of His clear and real presence in my life.  I’ve fallen so in Love with Him these last few months and I’m so excited to see what He’s going to do in the future.  While I’m feeling all this, I want to make sure and be real, to be genuine and not project someone I’m not.  I hope that my life reflects the core of who I am and that He is evident in my actions and words. 

Before this I was living in a very desolate place, feeling distant from Him and disconnected from who I was and wanted to be.  It’s amazing to feel this change, even if it wasn’t apparent from the outside.  I’ve felt immense peace and confidence in who I am even though the future isn’t completely clear.  I’m learning to Trust and have Faith outside of my own ability.  Even though I know that God is bigger than this little universe I inhabit, it was difficult for me to let go and allow Him to have control.  I’m finding that it’s been easier and I know that has had a hand in this Joy I am feeling.

I’m getting married in a little over a month and I’m so ready.  Through our conversations and the journey Jason and I have shared over the almost 6 years we’ve known each other, I know that he is The One for me and I’m so excited for us to become One.  Our story is wonderfully beautiful in its tragedies and its joys and I cannot wait to see what memories we’ll build on this foundation.


2 thoughts on “overflow

  1. I wish we were going to be there for your big day. I wish you a lifetime of joy with Jason. Marriage is like having a 2YO – it is alternately terrible and terribly wonderful but worth it.

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