So far this semester has been challenging, not just academically but also emotionally.  In several of my classes we’ve been tackling the issues of poverty and racism.  Obviously these are not new to me, but the way we have been talking about them, the context in which they are being presented, it has lit a fire in me.  I have always had a passion for caring for people, a desire to help those in need and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.  I was really not excited about coming back to school this semester but I believe that God has been speaking to me everyday.  I believe I’m supposed to do something about these tragic issues that we’ve been discussing in class and I want to do something about the statistics we’ve been looking at.  My prayer is that this passion doesn’t fade, that God gives me clear direction and focus so that I can do my part to change the world.

I want to live with passion.


8 thoughts on “passion

  1. perhaps you might consider a career in social work? It is absolutely the best profession :) And, covers all of these issues– you would find many like-minded, passionate, on-fire persons and you would develop the skills needed to do meaningful and effective and fulfilling work. Just a thought. :) I’m glad you are liking this class and are awakening to the possibilities of how God may use you. What a gift…to yourself and to the kingdom.

  2. @ Sandy: Yes, and we’ve been watching “The Color of Fear” and I’ve felt such strong emotions towards it. I think everyone should see it.

    @Rochelle: I have played with that idea. I’m not sure if the focus I’ve had in school would make that easy for me to get into but it is a possibility. I know there is such need out there and I’m excited about the possibilities.

  3. i grew up around such racist people. never realizing how deep it goes. if all those people came to see the light of there ignorence. they wouold change the whole world. there would be no hunger.

  4. Wow! Pray on it everyday, which I’m sure you are already doing. You do have to walk through the door though, and believe me, wait until you see what may lay on the other side!

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