The thoughts in my head are elbowing each other.  It’s kind of frustrating.

I’m thinking of pictures and what an interesting phenomenon they are.  It’s nice to capture moments but it’s also difficult if you weren’t involved in that moment to understand the background.  Even if I was involved in the taking of or being photographed, I wonder what I was thinking, what was assaulting my senses at the time.  It seems there’s always something to elude you.

I suck at letting things go.  Thoughts and the past often haunt me.  But maybe I want them to?

I don’t understand my own thoughts sometimes, why I feel the way I do.

Unknowingness frustrates me to no end.  Why must some people/things insist on being so mysterious?  Hmm?

There are too many songs out there.  I want to enjoy all the good ones.  But new ones are always invented and I’m not fast enough to catch them.

What would it be like if there was no concept of time?  What would happen to our society if suddenly technology collapsed?

Is it bad that I wish some people didn’t exist?  Don’t answer that.

I should go pick up Jason.


P.S. That’s not even the half of it.


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