I want to

dance like the breeze

write poetry that brings people to their knees

compose a ballad that moves people to tears


These fingers missed this flow, the writing and the spark that runs through the body as thought turns to written word.  Shiver and still.  Too much action in my brain.  I have more papers to write, more air to breathe and more life to live. Oh, well.


I changed a tire by myself today (previously I had some kind of help).  The thu-thunk of the tire alerted me to the flat.  I thought I could make it home but had to pull over, turned on the hazards, pulled out the jack and tire iron.  It took about 20 minutes, my hands got dirty, my hair kept blowing in my face and the zooming cars scared me a bit.  But I did it.

Wonder what tomorrow’s adventure will be. . .


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