it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey.  — unknown

I’ve always seen life as a journey, an adventure to who knows where.  I love the open road; going on roadtrips is one of my favorite past times.  My family never flew anywhere, we always drove.  To Kansas and Texas and Louisiana and and and.  I love the open road, the unknown stories that lie on that stretch of pavement just ahead.  Most of the time it was the journey that I enjoyed the most, more than wherever we were headed.  For this, my life, I’m excited to see what God’s going to do in the future, what adventures are headed my way.  I feel like big things are coming, the culmination of many things, a focusing of interest and desire.  Patience does not come easily.


3 thoughts on “journeys

  1. Keep enjoying the ride! Life is a journey and so many adventures do await you. You have a wonderful attitude! Blessings my dear sister.

  2. Thanks, Robin!

    Duane, my grandpa (Mom’s side) lived in Dodge City, Kansas up until about 10 years ago and then he moved to Louisiana. And we have lots of friends (hi, Hollons! And Becca in OK :) and family that live in Texas. My mom had 11 aunts and uncles so there’s lots of family all over the states.

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