I think this is a great reminder to be thankful for what one has.  The irony is that this same day, right across the street from where this man stood, a woman ran her SUV into the back of a guy’s stationwagon.  I didn’t see it happen but they pulled into the parking lot where Jason works (where one can find me when he’s working and I’m not at school).  That really brought this idea home.

In other news Jason and I went to a Pumktoberfest Potluck Pumpkin Patch Pie Producing Party on Friday night.  It was a lot of fun; we went to the pumpkin patch and picked out two pumpkins (still have to carve them) and then went back to our friend’s house to a wonderful potluck and a night of socializing and making pumpkin pies from real pumpkin.  I had never made a pumpkin pie before but they were really tasty!  I’m hoping this becomes an annual tradition.


8 thoughts on “reminders

  1. thank you again, Ken told me that I should just relax and not worry about anything today. which is going to be troublesome, cause I’ve got a party to prepare for on Saturday. And I’m not ready for it yet.

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