It was terrible. srsly.

Last night I went to check on a grade for a paper I turned in last week.  It said I had 27%.  Um, what?!  I have never even gotten close to getting such a terrible grade on anything, even in math.  I think of myself as a good student, I work hard and do well.  Plus, I’m an achiever, doing well is what I thrive on, what I do.  Failure is not an option.  So I cried as Jason kissed my face and told me it was probably a mistake.  Yeah, ok.  And the thoughts kept coming: was it because I had uploaded it a few hours after 5 pm?  Was the analysis really that awful?  What had I done wrong?

So then.

I talked to my teacher today.  She told me not to freak out before she had a chance to check it.  Perhaps she had entered the grade incorrectly.  No one got a 27% she told me.  So I calmed down and waited.  She emailed me later today to tell me that I got 27 out of 30 points.  The gradebook said it was worth 100 points.  So I got 90%.  Ka-chow.


3 thoughts on “panic

  1. lol, yup. Retrospect is a funny, funny thing. I am thankful it was just a mistake. Failing a core class in the last year of school would have been ironically cruel.

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