I’ve been going through my blog and looking at different posts and I realized how much I miss this outlet.  I’ve either been too busy or I haven’t been inspired.  I itch to get that inspiration again, to hear the words in my mind and see them form in front of me.  This semester has been the most paper heavy of my entire college career (another reason I haven’t written much).  And it’s not quite over yet.  I have one more big paper that I’m working on though it’s not due until December 10th.  It’s getting to that point in the semester where I just want it to end and I know that that reality is close.  After tomorrow there’s only three more instructional weeks left with one week for Thanksgiving break nestled in there.  I can’t believe it. I’m almost halfway done with my senior year of college.

I’m not sure what I’m doing once I’ve graduated; there’s a possibility that I’ll work with someone from our church who’s starting her own home daycare in June.  But that’s not really where my passion lies.  I still want to work with at-risk youth and their families.  Jason’s co-worker and I were having a discussion the other day on this very subject.  We decided that work needs to be done at ground-zero.  Children need to be given opportunities and support from the beginning.  This is especially true for children who live in inner cities or are born into poverty.  Their options are limited before they are even born and that greatly affects their future possibilities.   One of my classmates just did a presentation on the cradle to prison pipeline where children are born into circumstances that basically lead them straight behind bars.  There is something very wrong with that.  Communities need to come together and take care of their children.  Society needs to place higher priority on the well-being of the littlest citizens.  These children need people to stand up and fight for them, they need people to care and not just see their need but do something about it.  It’s great that the U.S. sends out so many missionaries to other third-world countries but we need more of focus on the third-world citizens living within our borders.  These are concerns near to my heart and they are what inspire me to get out there and make a difference in this broken world.


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