birthday guy

That “little” guy turned 19 today.  I can’t believe he’s in his last year as a teenager; it seems like only yesterday I was returning from Japan to find my little brother driving.  Driving!  It’s been a good 19 years though I don’t really remember the first few years.  I was quite a bully in those early years, making him wear dresses (sadly I don’t have that picture on me) and just using my lager size to take advantage.

(back when we were the same size — post Mexico)

Now he’s bigger than me but part of me still sees him as my little brother.  We’ve had some falling out periods and have not always gotten along, but most of it has been great fun and he’s kept me sane (I could never be an only child).

(gangsters ’04)

I’m really proud of the journey he is on and I’m so excited to see what his future holds.  I love my brother and friend.

Happy birthday, you crazy kid.


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