I’m one of the leaders for the children’s ministry at our church.  Being able to contribute to the church community has been such a blessing, but I’ve had to miss a lot of the services to stay in with the kids.  We recently did a series called “Biographies” about the “background” characters in Jesus’ life.  It started with a message about Mary Magdalene and how maybe she wasn’t the woman everyone thinks she is these days.  Who she really is could threaten our views on female leadership in the church.  But is that really a bad thing?

The second message is about Princess Herodias.  I find this is more about the nature of names and how God is known by so many names and how an understanding of those names creates a fuller picture of who He really is.

The third is about the Centurions and how, even though they represent the Jews being oppressed, they are always spoken about in a positive light and challenge our beliefs in some way.

Just listen.


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