We celebrated New Year’s inside our “cave” while the rain pounded against the roof and our neighbors shot off fireworks and cheered loudly.  As the clock struck midnight (or our phones did anyway), we toasted, said a quiet “Happy New Year” and shared a passionate kiss.  It was sweet and simple.  And wonderful.

I’ve always thought New Year’s resolutions rather cliché.  I do understand the significance behind the idea; new year, fresh start, let’s resolve to better ourselves.  Cliché or not, I’m making a list this year.  I really like what Sarah Dessen said: “There are a few things I’ve decided I really want to try to leave in 2009… Like guilt. I have a lot of it, for various reasons and various things, and it’s really exhausting, like carrying around a backpack full of heavy rocks. I am ready to put it down and move on, lighter. So I think I will write down all the things I’ve felt guilty about this year, put the paper in the fire on New Years Eve, and send it up the chimney to the sky. Hopefully my guilt will not settle back down over me in ash form. Blow away, blow away!”  She also said that she’s learned to make resolutions that are realistic.  My realistic resolutions:

1. Journal more.

2. Expand my meal repertoire (not gonna quantify it just to keep it simple).

3. Breathe deep and move on.

4. Forgive, forgive, forgive.

5. Call my grandma at least once a month.

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