powerless freedom

Last Thursday the whole school (actually, several cities) lost power for a few hours.  As soon as I arrived that morning, I went to the library to print out the powerpoint for a class.  The first thing I noticed was how dark it was inside.  None of the computers were on and there were people walking around with flashlights.  I even had to have my backpack checked before I could leave since the security sensors weren’t working.  I thought maybe it was just the library building so I went over to another building and almost immediately realized there was no power there either.  As I was walking to yet another building, I noticed the automatic doors of the bookstore were locked in place, open about a foot or so.  I figured the whole campus had lost power but decided to check one more computer lab just to be sure.  As I suspected, it had no power either so I made my way to my class. 

Everyone was outside since our classroom has no windows.  Our teacher decided to let us off for the day so a friend of mine and I went to check on the status of our other classes.  Her teacher wasn’t in his office and mine hadn’t decided if he was going to cancel class yet or not.  My friend and I decided to hang out in a quiet area while we waited to hear from our teachers.  As we sat, we enjoyed the silence of the campus and the freedom from technology for a little while.  I realized again how dependent society is on electricity and other forms of technology.  I was actually really bummed when the power went back on.  My other class was cancelled though.  I’m kind of hoping for another power outage today.  And that’s not because it means I’d have no class.


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