I heard them way before I saw them.  At first I thought I was imagining them, just hearing the fans or ambient noise coming from the building I was passing.  But as I walked on, the sound became more distinct and I knew I wasn’t making them up.  I finally found them in the quad, a line of people all in front of a different drum, each creating a different sound that all came together to create a beautiful rhythm.  People had gathered around to let the sound wash over them and I was disappointed that I had to go catch my bus.  Hearing and seeing them reminded me of fond memories in Golden Gate Park, with the long line of congas that are played  There’s something wonderful about such concrete rhythm, the kind that you can feel emanate from the ground and fill your whole body.  It was soothing (as ironic as that might seem) and I could have stayed there all day.


One thought on “calling

  1. Sometime you and Jason need to go to Florida and visit Uncle Jim and Aunt BatSheva. While you’re there, have them take you to a drum show. BatSheva is/was in a drum group that performs from time to time. Really fascinating and fun to watch.

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