living inspired

I feel like I’m deflating.  My energy, slowly, day-by-day, is leaking out of me.  My eyes are burning and I feel sluggish and just blah.  That said, and while I’m still exhausted, I’m feeling really inspired.

Sunday night we visited with some friends from church.  They are in transition right now, between living here and moving out of state, and they are currently living with another couple from church.  This couple lives in a beautiful old house where everything is so wonderfully preserved and the space is decorated in such a tasteful way.  And I was inspired to one day own a house and decorate it to my heart’s content.  I must say that before this time I’ve never really desired owning or living in a house.  I was content with the idea of just living in apartments and not having to worry about taking care of a (most likely) bigger space.  But now I’m not so sure.  sigh

I’ve also been really itching to learn how to make everything by scratch: hummus, bread (which I can pretty much do, just haven’t actually done it yet), tortillas, marinara sauce, etc.  All these things are relatively easy but I love the idea of making everything we consume (well, as much as is possible).  I also really want to get back into being crafty: sewing, knitting and learning how to crochet.  I think living up here is making me want to be more. . .self-sufficient and. . .green?  I’ve definitely recycled more and been more environmentally aware since moving up here.

Oh, I also want to learn how to play the guitar and pick the violin back up.  And blog more consistently.


8 thoughts on “living inspired

  1. Ooh, sounds good. I’ll definitely try those. I plan on using my free time to take a nap or two or three. I head the Coffee House went well, glad to hear it. Love ya!

  2. hahahaha yes! finally they are making a recycler out of you :)

    I need to send you a chicken and red onion skewer recipe when I get back to my place. Sooo good!

  3. Oh, Japan did a fine job of introducing me to recycling (where they give you different colored bags for glass, plastic, trash, etc.) but for some reason Humboldt county inspires me too. Maybe because we’re surrounded by a bunch of green hippies.

    Yes, share whatever recipes you want! I still need to send you my pizza dough recipe. I haven’t forgotten, just hadn’t made it in a while to see if the measurements worked and then got too lazy to send it. Soon.

  4. Ahh, okay. I didn’t remember you ever mentioning it before. I haven’t played my violin in ages either, since before christmas… it’s probably the longest time I’ve ever gone without playing it since I was… hm, 7?

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