word vomit

Lovely imagery, right?  Bonus points to whoever can tell me what movie I’m referencing.

It’s been a crazy, busy, heartbreaking, wonderful month.  And I wanted to write about some of it here before I forget.  Starting with how stress free this semester has been.  I have never been so calm about school before, wish it had been like this the whole time.  I only have one week left of classes and a single day of finals (which has never happened to me before), making it so that I’m done with school on Monday, the 10th.  Last semester was so difficult, full of papers, projects and presentations that this has been a cake walk.  What a nice note to end on, right?  I cannot fully express how excited I am to be done with school.  At the same time (and I know almost everyone says this), it’s bittersweet.  I have really loved getting to know the people in my department and will truly miss my little family.  I’m glad that some of my friends are sticking around so I can still see them after graduation.  But there’s nothing like commiserating about homework or finding yourself getting delirious after working 15 hours straight on a group project (we got an A, by the way!:).  But what can I say, I’m looking forward to a life where I can truly enjoy my weekends, at least until I get a job that I bring home with me (heh).

At the beginning of the month my brother came up with two friends for the weekend.  It was super fun to have them.  We hiked around the woods behind my school, made personal pizzas, flew kites, went bowling, played Hearts a ton, hacky sacked, went to a talent show at school (where everyone that performed was really good), among other things.  I’m so glad they were able to come up and explore a little of the area.

I also finished a project I had been working on right before the boys came up.  Our table, which we bought for $60 off craigslist, was super ugly (Jason disagreed, though he loves it now) and I really wanted to give it a makeover.  After a little inspiration from a blog I’ve been reading, I decided to jump right into giving our little table a facelift.  I’m pretty happy with the results.  I used a combination of magazine cutouts and black and red ribbon.  I’m sure you can figure out the color theme.

Speaking of beauty that moves, I finally finished reading all of her posts which span almost 60 pages.  I am so inspired by her, the way she eats, crafts, and lives a purposeful life.  I’ve found that I’m very drawn to that kind of living and have somehow surrounded myself with like minded people.  I love how God has brought these people into my life at a time where I’m very receptive to these ideas and am so excited to live this way.  I’ve been finding ways to make food instead of buying it from the store, starting with two very simple recipes that are so delicious and better than anything store bought.

Pizza and pizza sauce!

And bread (also from beauty that moves)!

 I’ve also been inspired by Heather to buy used goods if I can.  I went thrifting the other day and from two shops got all this:

Can you believe I only spent $55 on all that!  I love how most of that stuff is kitchen accessories. :)  The breadmaker is amazing!  I’ve been thinking a lot about how blogs really say something about a person, where their heart and passions lie.  I’m definitely into this “living with purpose” groove that’s got me so excited about life!  It’s a great place to be.

Last Sunday we had gorgeous weather so Jason and I decided to take advantage by going on a walk around the marsh.  We ended up walking for about an hour and a half.  We even saw a freshwater otter run across the path about 10 feet in front of us!  It was so quick that I wasn’t able to get a picture of it until it was in the water, and then only from far away since I didn’t want to scare it off.  It was so good to get outside after all the wet, gray days we’ve been having lately.  I do love the sunshine after a nice storm.

Part of the craziness that has been my life is thinking about a job after graduation.  I went to talk with a career counselor last week and she gave me some great tips and said she would work with me through the summer to secure the kind of job I’m looking for.  I’m so nervous and excited about all that’s coming up for me and am really looking forward to what God has in store.  He’s laid some huge things on my heart, stirred up my passion, and I am so ready to jump in and change the world!


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