edumacation and other stuff

I graduated on Saturday.  But really, I felt done on Monday, my one and only day of finals.  The whole semester flew by and hardly left a mark.  I don’t think I pulled one all-nighter and there was virtually no procrastinating.  In fact, I often got things done well ahead of time, too bad I waited until my final semester to do that.

And I took advantage of the downtime between finals and commencement.  I deep-cleaned the house, made my nieces and nephew denim lunch bags and mini food bags (for a total of 12 pieces, whew) with embroidery, buttons and the whole shabang.  I also met with a career counselor at school to finish my master résumé, and when my parents got here Dad and I worked on the car, replacing our brakes and the rear break cylinder.  Pretty exciting week.  And now I have some more downtime before I hanker down for some serious job searching.  I’m pretty nervous about that but also excited to see what I find.  It’s nice to be done and have a break.  I plan on doing lots of baking/cooking, reading and crafting during this time.  Maybe some traveling up north and down south too.  Ahhhh. . .


8 thoughts on “edumacation and other stuff

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying this time. The bags were a big hit! They got a little possesive with them, but since they each had two sets it worked out great. love you

  2. Oh good, I’m glad they like them. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some more soon. I’m thinking about coming down for a week and maybe sometime in there I can spend some time with you guys! :)

  3. Grr. Unfortunately I do not. I thought about it after I finished but I was in a bit of a hurry so I didn’t. I do plan on making some for myself though, and I will definitely post pictures that time around. :)

  4. Thank you, Aaron! :) And you’re welcome. That house has a lot of memories for me too. Like when you decided it would be really funny to stick rose thorns on your face while Jonathan and I were on the trampoline. :p Hope you’re doing well!!!

  5. I remember you could lick the back side of the thorn and it would sick on your face like a rhino. I am doing well and I hope you are to

  6. Exactly. I remember it freaked the heck outta me (but I also secretly thought it was cool and tried it with the thorns at my house, they weren’t big enough :).

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