How is it June already?

I’m currently visiting my parents down south, really missing my guy. Fortunately I get to see him on Saturday.  It seems like this trip has felt a little. . .off and I realized pretty quickly it’s cause my other half isn’t here.  While it’s sad to not have him around, it’s kind of nice to have the confirmation that he really does complete me, even if this feeling of loss isn’t so pleasant.

Lots of goings on in my head throughout this trip.  Some good friends from Texas were also visiting my parents and they just left today.  While they were here I was asked what my plans are for getting a job and I told them I want to get involved in “Social Justice.”  Then the question became, what exactly is meant by “justice?”  This got me thinking about how I would define it.  I realize that maybe my term isn’t exactly what is meant by the general public, but I feel that I didn’t adequately explain myself when the question was asked of me.  I need, for my own sake, to examine my personal beliefs on the matter.

To me “justice” is giving people the tools to improve their lives, it is empowering them to succeed, and it is encouraging them to try.  “Justice” in its truest form creates equality, an even playing field for everyone, and allows those less fortunate to be brought from the mire and given a second chance at life.  Now, I realize that not everyone is motivated to change; change is not an easy thing, even if one’s life is in shambles.  For some reason, we humans seem to be more content with continuing with our destructive ways then to shift our focus and energy to gain something better.  But I want to help people realize that they don’t have to simply except the cards they were dealt, it is possible that others care for them and want to extend guidance and love.  I want to be that person.  I also realize that people’s circumstances may be entirely their own creation, perhaps they made the wrong decisions that brought them to where they are now.  It is not my place to judge them for that, I am called to serve them, regardless of what brought them to there.  This word “justice” has nothing to do with politics and it has no hidden agenda to “persuade” someone into my belief system, I simply want to give someone the love and grace that I see Jesus extending to a broken, undeserving world.

That’s not all on my mind, but I’ll leave it there for now.


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