Four summers in a row.  That first summer “my group” was going into the third grade.  And now they’re in the summer before seventh grade.

A friend on facebook posted a picture of the training that’s going on this week, a training I don’t think I’ll ever be a part of again.  And my heart aches more than a little.  I knew it would be difficult not to return, but I didn’t think it would hurt this much.  I just went through my pictures over the years and was overwhelmed with the depth of emotion they brought forth.  I love those kids so much and it’s sad to think I won’t see many of them ever again.  I pray for their futures, that they will be lights in our dark world, that they will find faith and make it their own.  I pray that they will love first, always.  I pray that I helped instill values in them that will carry them far in this life.  And I pray that when they see injustice, they will be inspired to be the change the world needs.

I will never forget the lessons these precious children taught me.  And I will love them always.





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