self imposed homework?

Yeah.  I’ve just taken on the “task” of reading books that are nowhere near the fiction genre.  And I’m super excited about it!  I’ve missed reading for myself, something I haven’t seriously done in at least 6 years.  I’ve really missed that and I’m taking full advantage.  So without further ado, here’s what’s on my bookshelf:


FYI, I’m not reading this because I’m “battling unbelief,” I’m simply curious

Oh, I’ll also be listening to:


I feel smarter already


One thought on “self imposed homework?

  1. I love it! Over a year ago I decided I will no longer read anything that is not spiritual or scholarly. All other books do not seem to offer as great a lifelong benefit. So far my collection is outgrowing my completion but I intend to press further! You should suggest some books that were particularly eye-opening or inspiring =). – Good luck with your adventure!

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