I’m currently using Netflix’s two week free trial.  I’ve watched a lot of movies over the last week and a half.  One of them was "Bedtime Stories."  I’m not sure why I kept watching, I don’t like Adam Sandler and I didn’t like this movie.  But beyond my dislike for Mr. Sandler, I was annoyed by the end of the movie and how it reminded me of many other children’s movies.  You know, where our "hero" wins in the end while those who were oppressing him or her throughout the movie are now getting their "just desserts."  I find it distasteful that this happens again and again in children’s movies; I feel that it teaches them a sense of revenge and tells them that the world is a "fair" place because the good will always win and should turn around and oppress those who were oppressing them.  I seem to recall Jesus saying something about turning the other cheek, and how we’re supposed to live in humility.  I know that these movies are often not made with Jesus’ teachings in mind, but I find it disturbing the kinds of morals (or lack thereof) that appear in movies marketed to children.  Personally, I don’t think children should be watching t.v. and only a few movies here and there.  But I hope parents are being really mindful of the kinds of things they are allowing their impressionable children to watch.


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