About seven years ago I was in a sewing class, one that I attended for six years.  The lady who taught it had a little building in her backyard where she would teach four girls at a time, twice a day, five days a week.  It was a great little set-up and I loved going to that class every Tuesday for six years.  During that time she not only taught me sewing skills, but also taught me to embroider, knit and attempted to teach me to crochet.  And while I never picked up crocheting while I was in her class, I always wanted to learn.  And now I’m beginning to.

Jason and I are in two Life Groups through our church.  In one of them I met a woman who offered to teach me to crochet, spin and weave (!!!) and I gladly accepted.  Today I spent four hours hanging out in her living room starting a "newsboy" hat.  Not only that, she showed me how to play the dulcimer and even let me borrow one.  Awesome.

Life is good.


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